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Panettone Semifreddo and Pandoro Tiramisu: 2 zero waste recipes
Pandoro tiramisu and Panettone semifreddo, 2 recipes to avoid food waste after the Christmas holidays.
Time to say goodbye UK
Dear UK friends, we part ways, at least for now! The new rules provided by the agreement between Europe and UK to commercialize products of animal origin are not sustainable for our company.
Panettone vs Pandoro: Italian Christmas War!
Could you ever imagine that the diatribe between Panettone and Pandoro could be the main topic of Italian Christmas lunches and dinners? Instead, it is just like that! Let's call it a "clash between the titans of Christmas", so much that real factions are created every year between the supporters of the two typical Christmas sweets.
Welcome onboard La Marisa, our new sweet line!
Creating I Like Italian Food was a dream come true, but little by little, we began to dream bigger: why not make our line of Haute patisserie through which to tell the world about the goodness of Italian delicacies? This is where La Marisa came from
At Christmas give... Italian food!
Discover our Christmas selection products for your special dinners and gifts: Christmas hampers full of sweets, classic ingredients of the Italian regional cuisine and much more.
The new I Like Italian Food is here
Introducing the new I Like Italian Food! A new logo, a new website, and a new image, but the mission is always the same: to make you eat well with quality ingredients and discover the most authentic Italian traditions.
Paccheri with pumpkin and parmesan cream
Paccheri with pumpkin and Parmesan cream: a delicious recipe to enjoy your lunch.
Creamy risotto with marinated shrimps

A version of risotto between land and sea, cooked and raw: a mixture of two kinds of cheese, shrimps almost natural and lemon scents.

Marble yogurt cake
Marble yogurt cake: a cake also called Seven Cup Cake, perfect for your coffee break.
The secret that the Sicilian town of Modica kept for centuries

The chocolate of Modica is rustic, almost rough with coarse grains of sugar that bring a brightness similar to the one of the marble. The more its texture is grainy and crumbly, the more Modica Chocolate is well done. 

Spaghetti with anchovies
Spaghetti with anchovies: a very simple, quick but tasty first dish. 
Pasta alla Norma: the original recipe
Pasta alla Norma is one of the most known Sicilian cuisine symbols: a tasty pasta dish seasoned with fresh tomato sauce and fried eggplant, according to tradition, cut into slices.
The pork butcher's art in Italy: from Emilia Romagna to Tuscany

A journey from Emilia Romagna to Tuscany to discover the secrets of Coppa Piacentina, IGP Finocchiona and Tuscan Salami.

Bracciano Lake: a destination for artists and food lovers
A rich historical and cultural heritage, a great wealth of archaeological finds and stunning landscapes make Lake Bracciano one of the most appreciated tourist destinations also thanks to its cuisine.
How to make a good FRITTATA: a make-ahead Italian family meal
The most straightforward procedure of making a delicious Italian frittata. Vegetables, ham, pasta or Parmigiano Reggiano are perfect ingredients for a complete and balanced meal.
Glamping is the New Trend
Spend your holidays in a glamping surrounded by nature with all comfort assured to enjoy a unique experience. In Italy, the choice ranges from American caravans to African tents, romantic tree houses and English cottages.
I Like Italian Food at Gola Gola Festival
I Like Italian Food at Gola Gola Festivalfor a weekend-long celebration. Breakfast event with live courses, market area and food truck for three days in Parma.
The door of Piedmont: the Basso Monferrato
The Basso Monferrato area is the door of Piedmont. The green hills and small plains rich in rice fields and flower farming, the enchanting landscape of neat vineyards and its traditional cuisine make it a privileged location to visit and admire. 
Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships
Tenuta Scarpa Colombi confirms its success: according to the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championship, the Blanc the Blancs Brut is the best "sparkling wine".