Shake up your Christmas with
La marisa

The new Italian fine pastry Panettone in six different flavours, unique to I like Italian food

The king of Christmas

La Marisa was born first of all from our desire to eat the best panettone ever. It is a product of the great Italian pastry tradition: let yourself be gently enveloped by the soft, honeycombed dough and the heady scent of yeast and butter. You will never forget it.

Why choose la Marisa

Traditional & Innovative
In addition to the traditional panettone with candied fruit and raisins, the undisputed king of Italian Christmas tables, try all the other five flavours selected for their deliciousness.

La Marisa is a perfect gift. The six different packages are a kaleidoscope of colors that warm and brighten the Christmas of those you love, all to keep and collect.

You can find it only here: La Marisa is an exclusive product of I Like Italian Food. The production is limited: hurry up to not miss these delights.

The origin of Panettone

Panettone was born in the Middle Ages and is linked to the tradition of preparing very rich loaves for Christmas, which were served by the head of the family to the diners. For historians, the first documentary evidence of the existence of panettone dates back to 1606.

In the nineteenth century, the recipe was perfected, and the dessert took the name of "panattón or panatton de Natal".

Today panettone is a typical Italian dessert protected since 2005 by a disciplinary, which specifies the right ingredients and doses.